Commit 5f1341f3 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Merge branch 'tic-toc' into 'master'

Convert negative weights error in partitioning to warning about tic before toc

A small synchronization error is seen on cosma-e that can be fixed using processory affinity, this stops that being critical.

Fixes #182.

See merge request !192
parents e85ecae0 d99f4daf
......@@ -458,9 +458,15 @@ static void repart_edge_metis(int partweights, int bothweights, int nodeID,
t->type != task_type_kick && t->type != task_type_init)
/* Get the task weight. */
/* Get the task weight. This can be slightly negative on multiple board
* computers when the runners are not pinned to cores, don't stress just
* make a report and ignore these tasks. */
int w = (t->toc - t->tic) * wscale;
if (w < 0) error("Bad task weight (%d).", w);
if (w < 0) {
message("Task toc before tic: -%.3f %s, (try using processor affinity).",
clocks_from_ticks( t->tic - t->toc ), clocks_getunit());
w = 0;
/* Do we need to re-scale? */
wtot += w;
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