Commit deed57af authored by lhausamm's avatar lhausamm
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Remove wrapper in makefile

parent da3eec1c
......@@ -48,11 +48,6 @@ include_HEADERS = space.h runner.h queue.h task.h lock.h cell.h part.h const.h \
dump.h logger.h active.h timeline.h xmf.h gravity_properties.h gravity_derivatives.h \
gravity_softened_derivatives.h vector_power.h collectgroup.h hydro_space.h sort_part.h
GRACKLE_SRC += cooling/grackle/grackle_wrapper.c
# Common source files
AM_SOURCES = space.c runner.c queue.c task.c cell.c engine.c \
serial_io.c timers.c debug.c scheduler.c proxy.c parallel_io.c \
......@@ -62,8 +57,7 @@ AM_SOURCES = space.c runner.c queue.c task.c cell.c engine.c \
runner_doiact_fft.c threadpool.c cooling.c sourceterms.c \
statistics.c runner_doiact_vec.c profiler.c dump.c logger.c \
part_type.c xmf.c gravity_properties.c gravity.c \
collectgroup.c hydro_space.c equation_of_state.c \
collectgroup.c hydro_space.c equation_of_state.c
# Include files for distribution, not installation.
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