Commit 9de8cf1a authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Updated task plotting script

parent 6846a55b
......@@ -57,14 +57,15 @@ pl.rcParams.update(PLOT_PARAMS)
# Tasks and subtypes. Indexed as in tasks.h.
TASKTYPES = ["none", "sort", "self", "pair", "sub_self", "sub_pair",
"init", "ghost", "extra_ghost", "drift", "kick1", "kick2",
"timestep", "send", "recv", "grav_gather_m", "grav_fft",
"grav_mm", "grav_up", "cooling", "sourceterms", "count"]
"timestep", "send", "recv", "grav_top_level", "grav_long_range",
"grav_mm", "grav_down", "cooling", "sourceterms", "count"]
SUBTYPES = ["none", "density", "gradient", "force", "grav", "external_grav",
"tend", "xv", "rho", "gpart", "count"]
"tend", "xv", "rho", "gpart", "multipole", "spart", "count"]
# Task/subtypes of interest.
FULLTYPES = ["self/force", "self/density", "sub_self/force",
"sub_self/density", "pair/force", "pair/density", "sub_pair/force",
FULLTYPES = ["self/force", "self/density", "self/grav", "sub_self/force",
"sub_self/density", "pair/force", "pair/density", "pair/grav",
"sub_pair/density", "recv/xv", "send/xv", "recv/rho", "send/rho",
"recv/tend", "send/tend"]
......@@ -91,11 +91,9 @@ void gravity_exact_force_compute(struct space *s, const struct engine *e) {
message("Computed exact gravity for %d gparts.", counter);
message("Computed exact gravity for %d gparts (took %.3f %s). ", counter,
clocks_from_ticks(getticks() - tic), clocks_getunit());
if (e->verbose)
message("took %.3f %s.", clocks_from_ticks(getticks() - tic),
error("Gravity checking function called without the corresponding flag.");
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