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Welcome to the cosmological code
Welcome to the cosmological hydrodynamical code
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SPH With Inter-dependent Fine-grained Tasking
Twitter: @SwiftSimulation
Twitter: @SwiftSimulation
See INSTALL.swift for instructions.
See INSTALL.swift for install instructions.
Valid options are:
-c Run with cosmological time integration
-d Dry run. Read the parameter file, allocate memory but does not read
the particles from ICs and exit before the start of time integration.
Allows user to check validy of parameter and IC files as well as memory limits.
-e Enable floating-point exceptions (debugging mode)
-f {int} Overwrite the CPU frequency (Hz) to be used for time measurements
-g Run with an external gravitational potential
-G Run with self-gravity
-s Run with SPH
-v [12] Increase the level of verbosity 1: MPI-rank 0 writes
2: All MPI-ranks write
-y {int} Time-step frequency at which task graphs are dumped
-h Print this help message and exit
See the file examples/parameter_example.yml for an example of parameter file.
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