Commit 8a879a84 authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Convert tick stats into millisec, when possible

parent 9d6f91e7
......@@ -791,9 +791,11 @@ void task_dump_stats(struct engine *e, int step) {
* some absolute units. */
int fixed_cost = (int)(clocks_from_ticks(mean) * 10000.f);
"%15s/%-10s %10d %14.2f %14.2f %14.2f %14.2f %14.2f %10d\n",
taskID, subtaskID_names[k], count[j][k], min[j][k], max[j][k],
sum[j][k], mean, perc, fixed_cost);
"%15s/%-10s %10d %14.4f %14.4f %14.4f %14.4f %14.4f %10d\n",
taskID, subtaskID_names[k], count[j][k],
clocks_from_ticks(min[j][k]), clocks_from_ticks(max[j][k]),
clocks_from_ticks(sum[j][k]), clocks_from_ticks(mean),
perc, fixed_cost);
fprintf(cfile, "repartition_costs[%d][%d] = %10d; /* %s/%s */\n", j,
k, fixed_cost, taskID, subtaskID_names[k]);
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