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Support for multiple softening lengths in the gravity solver

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge multi_softening into master

Implements the following:

  • Add background DM particles (type 2).
  • Different softening lengths for DM, baryon and background particles.
  • Background DM particles have a softening length that scales with mass^(1/3).
  • Two particles interacting directly use the largest of the two softenings.
  • The multipoles carry the maximal softening length of any particle within the multipole
  • The multipole-multipole or particle-multipole calculations are only allowed if the distance is larger than the softening.
  • Fixes #599 (closed).
  • Update all the examples to use the new names for the softening lengths in the YAML files.
  • Update the RTD description of the Gravity parameters and i/o.
  • When replicating the ICs, replicate the black hole particles. Prevent replication when running with background DM.
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