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Stf output times

Stuart McAlpine requested to merge stf_output_times into master
  1. When dealing with a property that uses an output_list (snapshots, stats, stf), now only outputs those quantities at the selected output_times (i.e., it no longer outputs on the first and last timestep if an output_list is selected).

  2. Also captures the case where an output is requested on the last timestep (which is common for z=0, a=1) which would of been done previously by always outputting at the last timestep in main.c (but not for stf).

  3. If invoke_stf is selected, an output_list for StructureFinding cannot also be selected, pick either or. (Don't want to run stf twice).

  4. stf outputs always use the StructureFinding: basename for their outputs, even when using invoke_stf.

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