Fof io and compile without fof

Merged Matthieu Schaller requested to merge fof_io_and_compile_without_fof into master

A bunch of FOF-related changes:

  • Put the gpart-carried fof-related variables into a structure.
  • Move the FOF-i/o functions to a separate file
  • Write the FOF groupID for the spart and bpart as well as for all the hydro models
  • Write the groupID as a long long and not an int
  • By default compile the code without FOF
  • Add a configuration option to compile with FOF (enabled when EAGLE is switched on)
  • Simplify the io_properties construction code

This allows to save memory on DM runs where we don't want FOF and hence don't need to carry the GroupID. Also makes the i/o work in all cases.

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