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Blackholes swallowing - Gas case

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge blackholes_swallowing into master

This implements the following:

  • Black holes carry metal information. That is obtained at brith time and written to snapshots.
  • Added 1 new loop over the gas neighbours of BHs to tag the gas particles that will be swallowed.
  • Added a field to the gas particles to carry the swallowing information.
  • Added a set of tasks to process the particles that have been tagged for swallowing.
  • Reduced the number of BH tasks by only creating them for cells that actually contain black holes.
  • Added the communication and dependencies that are needed for the swallowing.
  • Implemented the EAGLE model for BH swallowing of gas.
  • In debugging mode, copy the (const) pointer to the task that is run into the runner. Helps seeing where we are.
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