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Fixes to the cosmo hydro

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge fix_santa_barbara into master

A bunch of all-around fixes that allow SWIFT to match exactly Gadget-2 on the SamllCosmoVolume hydro test.

This includes:

  • Restore the testSymmetry to its old glory.
  • Use the correct power of the scale-factor in the term designed to prevent numerical crashes in the Balsara switch.
  • Add a Hubble flow term to the Balsara switch in the Minimal & Gadget schemes.
  • Add the Hubble flow term to the viscosity SPH equation for the thermodynamic variable in the Gadget and Minimal schemes.
  • Document properly that the minimal energy stored in the hydro properties is in the physical frame.
  • Use the z=0 critical density when deciding the displacement of particles in space_generate_gas().
  • Correct a sign mistake in the displacement of generated gas particles.
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