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Draft: Blank functions for MHD support

Matthieu Schaller requested to merge MHD_canvas into master


  • Moved the signal velocity calculation to a new file that is SPH-scheme independant. There are two versions in there, one for MHD runs, one for non-MHD runs
  • Added the mhd directory for the scheme specific things. In there there is only None scheme for now, i.e. no-MHD runs
  • Added all the empty functions for the loops over neighbours
  • Added all the empty functions for the things done in-between loops (drift, kick, reset...)
  • Added a small structure that is carried by the particles to contain the MHD fields.


  • Deal with the case where the MHD wants three loops but the hydro only needs two...
  • Deal with Gasoline signal velocity
  • Prevent MHD + Gizmo
  • Unit tests
  • Cleanly deal with mu_0
  • Cleanly deal with stats
  • Cleanly deal with div v
  • Work out units of B^2 PS.
  • Deal with 0 ngbs in FDI and VP.
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