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WIP: Rename logger into CSDS

Loic Hausammann requested to merge rename_logger into master

In this merge request, I am renaming the logger into CSDS. I have also removed the logger in modules that were not really supported (e.g. stars/None but stars/Basic is still supported).

My main worry about this merge request is the star formation logger. I have been careful to avoid changing it, but it would be nice to have an extra check.

My tests: started with a clean branch; compiled ./configure --with-subgrid=EAGLE --enable-debugging-checks; compiled ./configure --enable-csds --enable-debugging-checks --with-hydro=gadget2 (crashed as expected due to the missing initialization of the submodule); compiled the checks; compiled ./configure --with-subgrid=GEAR --enable-csds.

Do you wish another test?

I am still trying to push the update of the csds-reader commit and will remove the WIP once it is done.

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