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Logger add modules reader

Loic Hausammann requested to merge logger_add_modules_reader into master

Currently, the logger is able to write some data from the chemistry and star formation modules, but not read them.

In this merge request, I am implementing the reading part. To do so, I had to change the way we deal with the fields and I implemented a new structure called field_information that contains the indices of the field (and its derivative) in the module and global arrays.

I have also tried to reduce a bit the copy/paste in the main code by using some preprocessing macro.

By the way, SPHENIX is not working anymore (I will fix it in a next merge request) as the number of masks is now too large (I just need to merge together some fields). My next steps are: finish !1256 (merged), merge everything and then change the name of the logger into Continuous Simulation Data Stream (I will use csds in the code).

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