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Added a lower resolution Santa Barbara test case. This one is 128^3 particles...

Added a lower resolution Santa Barbara test case. This one is 128^3 particles and runs in 4 hours on cosma-7.
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......@@ -84,7 +84,8 @@ EXTRA_DIST = CoolingBox/coolingBox.yml CoolingBox/ CoolingBox/make
PerturbedBox_3D/ PerturbedBox_3D/perturbedBox.yml PerturbedBox_3D/ \
PMillennium-384/p-mill-384.yml \
PMillennium-768/p-mill-768.yml \
SantaBarbara/README SantaBarbara/ SantaBarbara/santa_barbara.yml \
SantaBarbara/README SantaBarbara/ SantaBarbara/santa_barbara.yml SantaBarbara/ \
SantaBarbara_low/README SantaBarbara_low/ SantaBarbara_low/santa_barbara.yml SantaBarbara_low/ \
SedovBlast_1D/ SedovBlast_1D/ SedovBlast_1D/ SedovBlast_1D/sedov.yml \
SedovBlast_2D/ SedovBlast_2D/ SedovBlast_2D/ SedovBlast_2D/ SedovBlast_2D/sedov.yml \
SedovBlast_3D/ SedovBlast_3D/ SedovBlast_3D/ SedovBlast_3D/ SedovBlast_3D/sedov.yml \
Initital conditions for the Santa-Barbara cluster comparison project.
These have been regenerated from the orinigal Frenk et al. 1999 paper.
The cosmology is Omega_m = 1, Omega_b = 0.1, h = 0.5 and sigma_8 = 0.9.
The ICs are 128^3 particles in a 64^3 Mpc^3 volume. This is about 10x
higher resolution than in the original paper. The ICs have been
created for Gadget and the positions and box size are hence expressed
in h-full units (e.g. box size of 32 / h Mpc). Similarly, the peculiar
velocitites contain an extra sqrt(a) factor.
We will use SWIFT to cancel the h- and a-factors from the ICs. Gas
particles will be generated at startup.
MD5 check-sum of the ICS:
1a1600b41002789b6057b1fa6333f3f0 SantaBarbara_128.hdf5
You can use the script to also run a basic 3D FoF
with VELOCIraptor on your output data. You will need to set the
VELOCIRAPTOR_PATH environment variable to tell us where the stf-gas
binary lives.
../swift -c -s -G -t 28 santa_barbara.yml
# Define the system of units to use internally.
UnitMass_in_cgs: 1.98848e43 # 10^10 M_sun in grams
UnitLength_in_cgs: 3.08567758e24 # Mpc in centimeters
UnitVelocity_in_cgs: 1e5 # 1 km/s
UnitCurrent_in_cgs: 1 # Amperes
UnitTemp_in_cgs: 1 # Kelvin
# Cosmological parameters
h: 0.5
a_begin: 0.047619048 # z_ini = 20
a_end: 1.0 # z_end = 0
Omega_m: 1.0
Omega_lambda: 0.0
Omega_b: 0.1
# Parameters governing the time integration
dt_max: 0.01
dt_min: 1e-10
max_top_level_cells: 16
cell_split_size: 100
# Parameters governing the snapshots
basename: santabarbara_low
scale_factor_first: 0.05
delta_time: 1.02
# Parameters governing the conserved quantities statistics
delta_time: 1.02
scale_factor_first: 0.05
# Parameters for the self-gravity scheme
eta: 0.025
theta: 0.5
comoving_softening: 0.02 # 20 kpc = 1/25 mean inter-particle separation
max_physical_softening: 0.00526 # 20 ckpc = 5.26 pkpc at z=2.8 (EAGLE-like evolution of softening).
mesh_side_length: 64
# Parameters of the hydro scheme
resolution_eta: 1.2348 # "48 Ngb" with the cubic spline kernel
CFL_condition: 0.1
initial_temperature: 1200. # (1 + z_ini)^2 * 2.72K
minimal_temperature: 100.
# Parameters related to the initial conditions
file_name: ./SantaBarbara_128.hdf5
periodic: 1
cleanup_h_factors: 1 # ICs were generated for Gadget, we need to get rid of h-factors
cleanup_velocity_factors: 1 # ICs were generated for Gadget, we need to get rid of sqrt(a) factors in the velocity
generate_gas_in_ics: 1 # Generate gas particles from the DM-only ICs
cleanup_smoothing_lengths: 1 # Since we generate gas, make use of the (expensive) cleaning-up procedure.
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