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Added a EAGLE-100 DMONLY test case.

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ICs extracted from the EAGLE suite of simulations.
WARNING: The ICs are 97GB in size. They contain ~3.4B DM particles.
The particle distribution here is the snapshot 27 (z=0.1) of the 100Mpc
DMONLY-model. h- and a- factors from the original Gadget code have been
corrected for. Variables not used in a pure gravity code have
been removed. Everything is ready to be run without cosmological
The particle load of the main EAGLE simulation can be reproduced by
running these ICs on 4096 cores.
MD5 checksum of the ICs:
ff7f504e2f7940bb29f86b48ab82e4b1 EAGLE_DMO_ICs_100.hdf5
# Define the system of units to use internally.
UnitMass_in_cgs: 1.989e43 # 10^10 M_sun in grams
UnitLength_in_cgs: 3.085678e24 # Mpc in centimeters
UnitVelocity_in_cgs: 1e5 # km/s in centimeters per second
UnitCurrent_in_cgs: 1 # Amperes
UnitTemp_in_cgs: 1 # Kelvin
# Cosmological parameters
h: 0.6777 # Reduced Hubble constant
a_begin: 0.9090909 # Initial scale-factor of the simulation
a_end: 1.0 # Final scale factor of the simulation
Omega_m: 0.307 # Matter density parameter
Omega_lambda: 0.693 # Dark-energy density parameter
Omega_b: 0.0455 # Baryon density parameter
# Parameters governing the time integration
time_begin: 0. # The starting time of the simulation (in internal units).
time_end: 1e-2 # The end time of the simulation (in internal units).
dt_min: 1e-10 # The minimal time-step size of the simulation (in internal units).
dt_max: 1e-3 # The maximal time-step size of the simulation (in internal units).
max_top_level_cells: 80
# Parameters governing the snapshots
basename: eagle_dmo
scale_factor_first: 0.92 # Scale-factor of the first snaphot (cosmological run)
time_first: 0.01 # Time of the first output (non-cosmological run) (in internal units)
delta_time: 1.10 # Time difference between consecutive outputs (in internal units)
compression: 4
# Parameters governing the conserved quantities statistics
scale_factor_first: 0.92 # Scale-factor of the first stat dump (cosmological run)
time_first: 0.01 # Time of the first stat dump (non-cosmological run) (in internal units)
delta_time: 1.05 # Time between statistics output
# Parameters for the self-gravity scheme
eta: 0.025 # Constant dimensionless multiplier for time integration.
theta: 0.85 # Opening angle (Multipole acceptance criterion)
comoving_softening: 0.0026994 # Comoving softening length (in internal units).
max_physical_softening: 0.0007 # Physical softening length (in internal units).
# Parameters related to the initial conditions
file_name: EAGLE_DMO_ICs_100.hdf5
cleanup_h_factors: 1 # Remove the h-factors inherited from Gadget
# Generate the initial conditions if they are not present.
if [ ! -e EAGLE_DMO_ICs_100.hdf5 ]
echo "Fetching initial conditions for the EAGLE DMO 100Mpc example..."
../swift -c -G -t 16 eagle_100.yml 2>&1 | tee output.log
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