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Logger: add a python example

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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Read a logger file by using an index.
Example: ./ ../../examples/SedovBlast_3D/index.dump ../../examples/SedovBlast_3D/index_0005.hdf5
import sys
from h5py import File
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import libswiftlogger as logger
# Get filenames
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print("WARNING missing arguments. Will use the default ones")
index = "../../examples/SedovBlast_3D/index_0005.hdf5"
dump = "../../examples/SedovBlast_3D/index.dump"
index = sys.argv[-1]
dump = sys.argv[-2]
# constant
offset_name = "PartType0/Offset"
header = "Header"
time_name = "Time Offset"
# Read index file
with File(index, "r") as f:
if offset_name not in f:
raise Exception("Unable to find the offset dataset")
offset = f[offset_name][:]
if header not in f:
raise Exception("Unable to find the header")
if time_name not in f[header].attrs:
raise Exception("Unable to find the time offset")
time_offset = f[header].attrs[time_name]
# read dump
data = logger.loadFromIndex(offset, dump, time_offset)
# Compute distance from center
pos = data["position"]
center = pos.mean()
r2 = np.sum((pos - center)**2, axis=1)
# plot entropy vs distance
plt.plot(np.sqrt(r2), data["entropy"], '.')
plt.xlim(0., 0.5)
plt.ylim(-5, 50)
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