Commit e5d4c0d1 authored by Jacob Kegerreis's avatar Jacob Kegerreis
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Revert "Document the new parameter"

This reverts commit a2af6924.
parent e75796f2
......@@ -120,7 +120,6 @@ Scheduler:
engine_max_parts_per_ghost: 1000 # (Optional) Maximum number of parts per ghost.
engine_max_sparts_per_ghost: 1000 # (Optional) Maximum number of sparts per ghost.
engine_max_parts_per_cooling: 200 # (Optional) Maximum number of parts per cooling task.
engine_max_parts_per_kick: 10000 # (Optional) Maximum number of parts per cooling task.
# Parameters governing the time integration (Set dt_min and dt_max to the same value for a fixed time-step run.)
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