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Use the threadpool and atomic operations to parallelize the assignment of...

Use the threadpool and atomic operations to parallelize the assignment of gparts to the density mesh.
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......@@ -3935,7 +3935,7 @@ void engine_rebuild(struct engine *e, int clean_smoothing_length_values) {
/* Re-compute the mesh forces */
if ((e->policy & engine_policy_self_gravity) && e->s->periodic)
pm_mesh_compute_potential(e->mesh, e->s, e->verbose);
pm_mesh_compute_potential(e->mesh, e->s, &e->threadpool, e->verbose);
/* Re-compute the maximal RMS displacement constraint */
if (e->policy & engine_policy_cosmology)
......@@ -193,6 +193,48 @@ void cell_gpart_to_mesh_CIC(const struct cell* c, double* rho, int N,
gpart_to_mesh_CIC(&gparts[i], rho, N, fac, dim);
* @brief Shared information about the mesh to be used by all the threads in the pool.
struct cic_mapper_data{
const struct cell *cells;
double *rho;
int N;
double fac;
double dim[3];
* @brief Threadpool mapper function for the mesh CIC assignment of a cell.
* @param map_data A chunk of the list of local cells.
* @param num The number of cells in the chunk.
* @param extra The information about the mesh and cells.
void cell_gpart_to_mesh_CIC_mapper(void *map_data, int num, void* extra) {
/* Unpack the shared information */
const struct cic_mapper_data *data = (struct cic_mapper_data*) extra;
const struct cell *cells = data->cells;
double *rho = data->rho;
const int N = data->N;
const double fac = data->fac;
const double dim[3] = {data->dim[0], data->dim[1], data->dim[2]};
/* Pointer to the chunk to be processed */
int *local_cells = (int *)map_data;
/* Loop over the elements assigned to this thread */
for (int i = 0; i < num; ++i) {
/* Pointer to local cell */
const struct cell *c = &cells[local_cells[i]];
/* Assign this cell's content to the mesh */
cell_gpart_to_mesh_CIC(c, rho, N, fac, dim);
* @brief Computes the potential on a gpart from a given mesh using the CIC
* method.
......@@ -310,14 +352,13 @@ void mesh_to_gparts_CIC(struct gpart* gp, const double* pot, int N, double fac,
* @param verbose Are we talkative?
void pm_mesh_compute_potential(struct pm_mesh* mesh, const struct space* s,
int verbose) {
struct threadpool *tp, int verbose) {
#ifdef HAVE_FFTW
const double r_s = mesh->r_s;
const double box_size = s->dim[0];
const double dim[3] = {s->dim[0], s->dim[1], s->dim[2]};
const struct cell* cells = s->cells_top;
const int* local_cells = s->local_cells_top;
const int nr_local_cells = s->nr_local_cells;
......@@ -350,10 +391,20 @@ void pm_mesh_compute_potential(struct pm_mesh* mesh, const struct space* s,
/* Zero everything */
bzero(rho, N * N * N * sizeof(double));
/* Do a CIC mesh assignment of the gparts by looping over local top-level
* cells */
for (int k = 0; k < nr_local_cells; k++)
cell_gpart_to_mesh_CIC(&cells[local_cells[k]], rho, N, cell_fac, dim);
/* Gather the mesh shared information to be used by the threads */
struct cic_mapper_data data;
data.cells = s->cells_top;
data.rho = rho;
data.N = N;
data.fac = cell_fac;
data.dim[0] = dim[0];
data.dim[1] = dim[1];
data.dim[2] = dim[2];
/* Do a parallel CIC mesh assignment of the gparts but only using
the local top-level cells */
threadpool_map(tp, cell_gpart_to_mesh_CIC_mapper, (void*) local_cells,
nr_local_cells, sizeof(int), 0, (void*) &data);
if (verbose)
message("Gpart assignment took %.3f %s.",
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
/* Forward declarations */
struct space;
struct gpart;
struct threadpool;
* @brief Data structure for the long-range periodic forces using a mesh
......@@ -67,7 +68,7 @@ void pm_mesh_init(struct pm_mesh *mesh, const struct gravity_props *props,
double dim[3]);
void pm_mesh_init_no_mesh(struct pm_mesh *mesh, double dim[3]);
void pm_mesh_compute_potential(struct pm_mesh *mesh, const struct space *s,
int verbose);
struct threadpool* tp, int verbose);
void pm_mesh_interpolate_forces(const struct pm_mesh *mesh,
const struct engine *e, struct gpart *gparts,
int gcount);
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