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Add some missing documentation

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......@@ -18,14 +18,14 @@
* @brief Reads the different particles to the HDF5 file
* @brief Read dark matter particles from HDF5.
* @param h_grp The HDF5 group in which to read the arrays.
* @param N The number of particles on that MPI rank.
* @param N_total The total number of particles (only used in MPI mode)
* @param offset The offset of the particles for this MPI rank (only used in MPI
* @param parts The particle array
* @param gparts The particle array
__attribute__((always_inline)) INLINE static void darkmatter_read_particles(
......@@ -306,9 +306,11 @@ void writeArrayBackEnd(hid_t grp, char* fileName, FILE* xmfFile, char* name,
* @brief Reads an HDF5 initial condition file (GADGET-3 type)
* @param fileName The file to read.
* @param dim (output) The dimension of the volume read from the file.
* @param parts (output) The array of #part read from the file.
* @param N (output) The number of particles read from the file.
* @param dim (output) The dimension of the volume.
* @param parts (output) Array of Gas particles.
* @param gparts (output) Array of DM particles.
* @param Ngas (output) number of Gas particles read.
* @param Ngparts (output) The number of DM particles read.
* @param periodic (output) 1 if the volume is periodic, 0 if not.
* Opens the HDF5 file fileName and reads the particles contained
......@@ -1233,8 +1233,10 @@ struct cell *space_getcell(struct space *s) {
* @param s The #space to initialize.
* @param dim Spatial dimensions of the domain.
* @param parts Pointer to an array of #part.
* @param N The number of parts in the space.
* @param parts Array of Gas particles.
* @param gparts Array of Gravity particles.
* @param Ngas The number of Gas particles in the space.
* @param Ngpart The number of Gravity particles in the space.
* @param periodic flag whether the domain is periodic or not.
* @param h_max The maximal interaction radius.
* @param verbose Print messages to stdout or not
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