Commit d255638f authored by Pedro Gonnet's avatar Pedro Gonnet Committed by Matthieu Schaller
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convert engine_count_and_link_tasks to a threadpool mapper function.

parent b2982133
......@@ -1913,14 +1913,15 @@ void engine_make_hydroloop_tasks_mapper(void *map_data, int num_elements,
* @param e The #engine.
void engine_count_and_link_tasks(struct engine *e) {
void engine_count_and_link_tasks_mapper(void *map_data, int num_elements,
void *extra_data) {
struct engine *e = (struct engine *)extra_data;
struct scheduler *const sched = &e->sched;
const int nr_tasks = sched->nr_tasks;
for (int ind = 0; ind < nr_tasks; ind++) {
for (int ind = 0; ind < num_elements; ind++) {
struct task *const t = &((struct task *)map_data)[ind];
struct task *const t = &sched->tasks[ind];
struct cell *const ci = t->ci;
struct cell *const cj = t->cj;
......@@ -2505,7 +2506,8 @@ void engine_maketasks(struct engine *e) {
/* Count the number of tasks associated with each cell and
store the density tasks in each cell, and make each sort
depend on the sorts of its progeny. */
threadpool_map(&e->threadpool, engine_count_and_link_tasks_mapper,
sched->tasks, sched->nr_tasks, sizeof(struct task), 0, e);
/* Now that the self/pair tasks are at the right level, set the super
* pointers. */
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