Commit ceaeaad8 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Ported engine.c

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......@@ -45,14 +45,14 @@ void printParticle(struct part *parts, long long int id, int N) {
"## Particle[%d]: id=%lld, x=[%.16e,%.16e,%.16e], "
"v=[%.3e,%.3e,%.3e], a=[%.3e,%.3e,%.3e], h=%.3e, h_dt=%.3e, "
"wcount=%.3e, m=%.3e, rho=%.3e, rho_dh=%.3e, div_v=%.3e, u=%.3e, "
"dudt=%.3e, bals=%.3e, POrho2=%.3e, v_sig=%.3e, dt=%.3e\n",
"dudt=%.3e, bals=%.3e, POrho2=%.3e, v_sig=%.3e, t_begin=%.3e, t_end=%.3e\n",
i, parts[i].id, parts[i].x[0], parts[i].x[1], parts[i].x[2],
parts[i].v[0], parts[i].v[1], parts[i].v[2], parts[i].a[0],
parts[i].a[1], parts[i].a[2], parts[i].h, parts[i].force.h_dt,
parts[i].density.wcount, parts[i].mass, parts[i].rho, parts[i].rho_dh,
parts[i].density.div_v, parts[i].u, parts[i].force.u_dt,
parts[i].force.balsara, parts[i].force.POrho2, parts[i].force.v_sig,
parts[i].t_begin, parts[i].t_end);
found = 1;
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