Commit cda41eb0 authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Removed commented out lines.

parent 637cf7ae
......@@ -425,10 +425,8 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_intrinsic_vec_density(
vector *div_vSum, vector *curlvxSum, vector *curlvySum, vector *curlvzSum,
vector mask, int knlMask) {
//vector r, ri, r2, xi, wi, wi_dx;
vector r, ri, xi, wi, wi_dx;
vector mj;
//vector dx, dy, dz, dvx, dvy, dvz;
vector dvx, dvy, dvz;
vector vjx, vjy, vjz;
vector dvdr;
......@@ -439,12 +437,8 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_intrinsic_vec_density(
vjx.v = vec_load(Vjx);
vjy.v = vec_load(Vjy);
vjz.v = vec_load(Vjz);
//dx.v = vec_load(Dx);
//dy.v = vec_load(Dy);
//dz.v = vec_load(Dz);
/* Get the radius and inverse radius. */
//r2.v = vec_load(R2);
ri = vec_reciprocal_sqrt(*r2);
r.v = vec_mul(r2->v, ri.v);
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