Commit cb0b4486 authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Merge branch 'no_sort_self_dependency' into 'master'

Remove unnecessary dependency between sort and self/density tasks.

See merge request !461
parents b1fff331 57e1b89b
......@@ -2279,9 +2279,8 @@ void engine_make_extra_hydroloop_tasks_mapper(void *map_data, int num_elements,
/* Self-interaction? */
else if (t->type == task_type_self && t->subtype == task_subtype_density) {
/* Make all density tasks depend on the drift and the sorts. */
/* Make the self-density tasks depend on the drift only. */
scheduler_addunlock(sched, t->ci->super->drift_part, t);
scheduler_addunlock(sched, t->ci->super->sorts, t);
/* Start by constructing the task for the second and third hydro loop. */
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