Commit caeca1ad authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Fixed bugs in AVX-512 instructions.

parent 46f148ea
......@@ -129,10 +129,10 @@
/* Do nothing in the case of AVX-512 as there are already
* instructions for left-packing.*/
#define VEC_FORM_PACKED_MASK(mask, packed_mask)
#define VEC_FORM_PACKED_MASK(mask, packed_mask) packed_mask = mask
/* Finds the horizontal maximum of vector b and returns a float. */
#define VEC_HMAX(a, b) a = _mm512_reduce_max_ps(b.v)
#define VEC_HMAX(a, b) b = _mm512_reduce_max_ps(a.v)
/* Performs a left-pack on a vector based upon a mask and returns the result. */
#define VEC_LEFT_PACK(a, mask, result) \
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