Commit c93262ad authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Have a default unit system for the snapshots when none is provided

parent f67f292b
......@@ -2672,7 +2672,7 @@ void engine_dump_snapshot(struct engine *e) {
struct clocks_time time1, time2;
if (e->verbose) message("writing snapshot at t=%f.", e->time);
if (e->verbose) message("writing snapshot at t=%e.", e->time);
/* Dump... */
#if defined(WITH_MPI)
......@@ -2808,7 +2808,7 @@ void engine_init(struct engine *e, struct space *s,
e->ti_nextSnapshot = 0;
parser_get_param_string(params, "Snapshots:basename", e->snapshotBaseName);
e->snapshotUnits = malloc(sizeof(struct UnitSystem));
units_init(e->snapshotUnits, params, "Snapshots");
units_init_default(e->snapshotUnits, params, "Snapshots", internal_units);
e->dt_min = parser_get_param_double(params, "TimeIntegration:dt_min");
e->dt_max = parser_get_param_double(params, "TimeIntegration:dt_max");
e->file_stats = NULL;
......@@ -3228,6 +3228,6 @@ void engine_compute_next_snapshot_time(struct engine *e) {
const float next_snapshot_time =
e->ti_nextSnapshot * e->timeBase + e->timeBegin;
if (e->verbose)
message("Next output time set to t=%f.", next_snapshot_time);
message("Next output time set to t=%e.", next_snapshot_time);
......@@ -66,6 +66,41 @@ void units_init(struct UnitSystem* us, const struct swift_params* params,
us->UnitTemperature_in_cgs = parser_get_param_double(params, buffer);
* @brief Initialises the UnitSystem structure with the constants given in
* rhe parameter file. Uses a default if the values are not present in the file.
* @param us The UnitSystem to initialize.
* @param params The parsed parameter file.
* @param category The section of the parameter file to read from.
* @param def The default unit system to copy from if required.
void units_init_default(struct UnitSystem* us,
const struct swift_params* params, const char* category,
const struct UnitSystem* def) {
if (!def) error("Default UnitSystem not allocated");
char buffer[200];
sprintf(buffer, "%s:UnitMass_in_cgs", category);
us->UnitMass_in_cgs =
parser_get_opt_param_double(params, buffer, def->UnitMass_in_cgs);
sprintf(buffer, "%s:UnitLength_in_cgs", category);
us->UnitLength_in_cgs =
parser_get_opt_param_double(params, buffer, def->UnitLength_in_cgs);
sprintf(buffer, "%s:UnitVelocity_in_cgs", category);
const double defaultVelocity = def->UnitLength_in_cgs / def->UnitTime_in_cgs;
const double unitVelocity =
parser_get_opt_param_double(params, buffer, defaultVelocity);
us->UnitTime_in_cgs = us->UnitLength_in_cgs / unitVelocity;
sprintf(buffer, "%s:UnitCurrent_in_cgs", category);
us->UnitCurrent_in_cgs =
parser_get_opt_param_double(params, buffer, def->UnitCurrent_in_cgs);
sprintf(buffer, "%s:UnitTemp_in_cgs", category);
us->UnitTemperature_in_cgs =
parser_get_opt_param_double(params, buffer, def->UnitTemperature_in_cgs);
* @brief Returns the base unit conversion factor for a given unit system
* @param us The UnitSystem used
......@@ -94,6 +94,10 @@ enum UnitConversionFactor {
void units_init(struct UnitSystem*, const struct swift_params*,
const char* category);
void units_init_default(struct UnitSystem* us,
const struct swift_params* params, const char* category,
const struct UnitSystem* def);
int units_are_equal(const struct UnitSystem* a, const struct UnitSystem* b);
/* Base units */
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