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Documentation fixes

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......@@ -3178,7 +3178,7 @@ void engine_unpin() {
* @param physical_constants The #phys_const used for this run.
* @param hydro The #hydro_props used for this run.
* @param potential The properties of the external potential.
* @param cooling The properties of the cooling function.
* @param cooling_func The properties of the cooling function.
* @param sourceterms The properties of the source terms function.
void engine_init(struct engine *e, struct space *s,
......@@ -44,8 +44,8 @@ struct sourceterms {
void sourceterms_init(const struct swift_params* parameter_file,
struct UnitSystem* us, struct sourceterms* source);
void sourceterms_print(struct sourceterms* source);
* @file src/sourceterm.h
* @brief Routines related to source terms
* @param cell_min: corner of cell to test
* @param cell_width: width of cell to test
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