Commit b776a59c authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Removed unneeded DOPAIR1 branching function.

parent f01a4e0c
......@@ -3189,47 +3189,3 @@ void DOSUB_SUBSET(struct runner *r, struct cell *ci, struct part *parts,
* @brief Determine which version of DOPAIR1 needs to be called depending on MPI, vectorisation and orientation of the cells or whether DOPAIR1 needs to be called at all.
* @param r #runner
* @param ci #cell ci
* @param cj #cell cj
void DOPAIR1_BRANCH(struct runner *r, struct cell *ci, struct cell *cj) {
const struct engine *restrict e = r->e;
#ifdef WITH_MPI
if (ci->nodeID != cj->nodeID) {
DOPAIR1_NOSORT(r, ci, cj);
/* Anything to do here? */
if (!cell_is_active(ci, e) && !cell_is_active(cj, e)) return;
/* Drift cells that are not drifted. */
if (!cell_is_drifted(ci, e)) cell_drift_particles(ci, e);
if (!cell_is_drifted(cj, e)) cell_drift_particles(cj, e);
/* Get the sort ID. */
double shift[3] = {0.0, 0.0, 0.0};
const int sid = space_getsid(e->s, &ci, &cj, shift);
/* Have the cells been sorted? */
if (!(ci->sorted & (1 << sid)) || !(cj->sorted & (1 << sid)))
error("Trying to interact unsorted cells.");
#if defined(WITH_VECTORIZATION) && defined(GADGET2_SPH) && (DOPAIR1_BRANCH == runner_dopair1_density_branch)
runner_dopair1_density_vec(r, ci, cj);
DOPAIR1(r, ci, cj);
DOPAIR1(r, ci, cj);
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