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Start documenting libraries dependencies and how to configure them

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......@@ -58,10 +58,35 @@ for instance. GCC address sanitizer flags can be included using the
option. Note this requires a GCC compiler version of at least 4.8.
Dependencies: needs to be filled in...
SWIFT currently requires a compiler with OpenMP support.
SWIFT depends on a number of thirdparty libraries that should be available
before you can build it.
HDF5: a HDF5 library is required to read and write particle data. One of the
commands "h5cc" or "h5pcc" should be available. If "h5pcc" is located them a
parallel HDF5 built for the version of MPI located should be provided. If
the command is not available then it can be located using the "--with-hfd5"
configure option. The value should be the full path to the "h5cc" or "h5pcc"
MPI: an optional MPI library that fully supports MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.
Before running configure the "mpirun" command should be available in the
METIS: a build of the METIS library can be optionally used to optimize the
load between MPI nodes (requires an MPI library). This should be found in the
standard installation directories, or pointed at using the "--with-metis"
configuration option. In this case the top-level installation directory of
the METIS build should be given. Note to use METIS you should at least supply
DOXYGEN: the doxygen library is required to create the SWIFT API documentation.
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