Commit af12f699 authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Added structure finding section to EAGLE_25.

parent 93d81a79
......@@ -6,6 +6,14 @@ InternalUnitSystem:
UnitCurrent_in_cgs: 1 # Amperes
UnitTemp_in_cgs: 1 # Kelvin
# Structure finding options
config_file_name: stf_input.cfg # Name of the STF config file.
basename: ./halo_vel_pot/stf # Common part of the name of output files.
output_time_format: 0 # Specifies format of delta_time. 0 for simulation steps and 1 for simulation time intervals.
time_first: 0. # Time of the first structure finding output (in internal units).
delta_time: 250 # Time difference between consecutive structure finding outputs (in internal units). Can either be given in simulation steps or simulation time intervals.
# Define the system of units to use int VELOCIraptor.
UnitMass_in_cgs: 1.989e33 # M_sun in grams
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