Commit aa7d8353 authored by Alexei Borissov's avatar Alexei Borissov
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remove debugging print statements

parent 76100d37
......@@ -503,10 +503,8 @@ INLINE static double eagle_metal_cooling_rate(
/* Sum up all the contributions */
double Lambda_net = Lambda_free + Lambda_Compton;
if (isnan(Lambda_net)) error("Lambda_net is nan free %.5e compton %.5e", Lambda_free, Lambda_Compton);
for (int elem = 2; elem < eagle_cooling_N_metal + 2; ++elem) {
Lambda_net += lambda_metal[elem];
if (isnan(Lambda_net)) error("Lambda_net is nan elem %d lambda_metal %.5e", elem, lambda_metal[elem]);
return Lambda_net;
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