Commit a8943bf7 authored by Loic Hausammann's avatar Loic Hausammann
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Fix name

parent 54a5c390
......@@ -1067,13 +1067,13 @@ void DOPAIR1_BRANCH_STARS(struct runner *r, struct cell *ci, struct cell *cj) {
if (do_ci) {
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT_STARS(hydro, part, cj, ci, sid);
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT_STARS(stars, spart, ci, cj, sid);
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT(hydro, part, cj, ci, sid);
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT(stars, spart, ci, cj, sid);
if (do_cj) {
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT_STARS(hydro, part, ci, cj, sid);
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT_STARS(stars, spart, cj, ci, sid);
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT(hydro, part, ci, cj, sid);
RUNNER_CHECK_SORT(stars, spart, cj, ci, sid);
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