Commit a77c1d1b authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Merge branch 'mpi_tag_collision' into 'master'

Fix MPI tag collision Issue #68

Increased the maximum cell tag to 2^29 to prevent the MPI tag collision issue #68.

See merge request !82
parents 7b114dcb 6c9d0947
......@@ -29,7 +29,12 @@ struct space;
/* Some constants. */
#define cell_sid_dt 13
#define cell_max_tag (1 << 16)
/* Max tag size set to 2^29 to take into account some MPI implementations
* that use 2^31 as the upper bound on MPI tags and the fact that
* cell_next_tag is multiplied by 2 when passed to an MPI function.
* The maximum was lowered by a further factor of 2 to be on the safe side.*/
#define cell_max_tag (1 << 29)
/* Global variables. */
extern int cell_next_tag;
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