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Updated the snapshots documentation to also describe the named columns meta-data

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......@@ -81,6 +81,26 @@ StarsScheme
This section of the meta-data mainly contains basic information about the
flavour of sub-grid schemes used in the simulation. This is typically a list of
attributes describing the parameters of the model. Users willing to add
information can edit the functions ``chemistry_write_flavour()``,
``cooling_write_flavour()``, etc. located in the i/o header of each scheme.
The other important output stored in that group is the ``NamedColumns``
sub-group. In it, we store the names of the columns of larger particle arrays
that are stored as large n-dimensional arrays. For instance, in the EAGLE model,
the individual chemical element fractions of each particles are stored as a Nx9
array, where N is the number of particles (See
:ref:`EAGLE_chemical_tracers`). This array is labeled ``ElementMassFractions``
and is used instead of 9 individual 1-d arrays. In the ``NamedColumns``
sub-group we store as an array of strings the name of each of the 9 individual
columns. In this case, the name of the 9 elements traced by the model. This
array has the same name as the particle array it corresponds to; here
``ElementMassFractions``. The same mechanism is used for other quantities stored
in a similar fashion. This allows external tools reading SWIFT snapshots to give
meaningful names to more complex entries of the particle arrays.
Unit systems
......@@ -144,6 +164,9 @@ the third column of the table.
The last column in the table gives the ``enum`` value from ``part_type.h``
corresponding to a given entry in the files.
Each group contains a series of arrays corresponding to each field of the
particles stored in the snapshots.
Unit information for individual fields
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