Commit 9b08543b authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Removed rshift term to stay in line with serial changes.

parent 283d211e
......@@ -871,11 +871,10 @@ void runner_dopair1_density_vec(struct runner *r, struct cell *ci,
/* Set the cache index. */
int cj_cache_idx = pjd;
/*TODO: rshift term. */
/* Skip this particle if no particle in ci is within range of it. */
const float hj = cj_cache->h[cj_cache_idx];
const double dj_test =
sort_j[pjd].d - hj * kernel_gamma - dx_max - rshift;
sort_j[pjd].d - hj * kernel_gamma - dx_max;
if (dj_test > di_max) continue;
/* Determine the exit iteration of the interaction loop. */
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