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SWIFT: Sph WIth Fine-grained inter-dependent Tasking
For information on how to _run_ SWIFT, please consult the onboarding guide
available [here]( This includes
dependencies, and a few examples to get you going.
SWIFT is an SPH code designed to run cosmological simulations on peta- and
exa-scale machines, scaling well up to 10's of thousands of cores.
More general information about SWIFT is available on the project
This GitHub repository is designed to be an issue tracker, and a space
for the public to submit patches through pull requests. It is synchronised
with the main development repository that is available on the
[ICC]('s GitLab server which is available
Please feel free to submit issues to this repository, or even pull requests.
We will try to deal with them as soon as possible, but as the core development
team is quite small this could take some time.
Contribution Guidelines
The SWIFT source code is using a variation of the 'Google' formatting style.
The script '' in the root directory applies the clang-format-3.8
tool with our style choices to all the SWIFT C source file. Please apply
the formatting script to the files before submitting a merge request.
The SWIFT code comes with a series of unit tests that are run automatically
when a push to the master branch occurs. The suite can be run by doing a make
check in the root directory. Please check that the test suite still
runs with your changes applied before submitting a merge request and add
relevant unit tests probing the correctness of new modules. An example of how
to add a test to the suite can be found by considering the tests/testGreeting
Welcome to the cosmological hydrodynamical code
______ _________________
/ ___/ | / / _/ ___/_ __/
\__ \| | /| / // // /_ / /
___/ /| |/ |/ // // __/ / /
/____/ |__/|__/___/_/ /_/
SPH With Inter-dependent Fine-grained Tasking
Twitter: @SwiftSimulation
See INSTALL.swift for install instructions.
Usage: swift [OPTION]... PARAMFILE
swift_mpi [OPTION]... PARAMFILE
Valid options are:
-a Pin runners using processor affinity.
-c Run with cosmological time integration.
-C Run with cooling.
-d Dry run. Read the parameter file, allocate memory but does not read
the particles from ICs and exit before the start of time integration.
Allows user to check validity of parameter and IC files as well as memory limits.
-D Always drift all particles even the ones far from active particles. This emulates
Gadget-[23] and GIZMO's default behaviours.
-e Enable floating-point exceptions (debugging mode).
-f {int} Overwrite the CPU frequency (Hz) to be used for time measurements.
-g Run with an external gravitational potential.
-G Run with self-gravity.
-M Reconstruct the multipoles every time-step.
-n {int} Execute a fixed number of time steps. When unset use the time_end parameter to stop.
-P {sec:par:val} Set parameter value and overwrites values read from the parameters file. Can be used more than once.
-s Run with hydrodynamics.
-S Run with stars.
-t {int} The number of threads to use on each MPI rank. Defaults to 1 if not specified.
-T Print timers every time-step.
-v [12] Increase the level of verbosity:
1: MPI-rank 0 writes,
2: All MPI-ranks write.
-y {int} Time-step frequency at which task graphs are dumped.
-Y {int} Time-step frequency at which threadpool tasks are dumped.
-h Print this help message and exit.
See the file parameter_example.yml for an example of parameter file.
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