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Add Cloudy table

parent 4ea877dc
......@@ -39,3 +39,10 @@ LambdaCooling:
mean_molecular_weight: 0.59 # Mean molecular weight
hydrogen_mass_abundance: 0.75 # Hydrogen mass abundance (dimensionless)
cooling_tstep_mult: 1.0 # Dimensionless pre-factor for the time-step condition
# Cooling with Grackle 2.0
GrackleCloudyTable: ../CloudyData_UVB=HM2012.h5 # Name of the Cloudy Table (available on the grackle bitbucket repository)
UVbackground: 0 # Enable or not the UV background
GrackleRedshift: 0 # Redshift to use (-1 means time based redshift)
GrackleHSShieldingDensityThreshold: 1.1708e-26 # self shielding threshold in internal system of units
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