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Merge branch 'subsize' of into subsize

parents f9bffbff 88356221
......@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ InternalUnitSystem:
nr_queues: 0 # (Optional) The number of task queues to use. Use 0 to let the system decide.
cell_max_size: 8000000 # (Optional) Maximal number of interactions per task if we force the split (this is the default value).
cell_sub_size: 64000000 # (Optional) Maximal number of interactions per sub-task (this is the default value).
cell_sub_size_pair: 64000000 # (Optional) Maximal number of interactions per sub-pair task (this is the default value).
cell_sub_size_self: 16000 # (Optional) Maximal number of interactions per sub-self task (this is the default value).
cell_split_size: 400 # (Optional) Maximal number of particles per cell (this is the default value).
cell_max_count: 10000 # (Optional) Maximal number of particles per cell allowed before triggering a sanitizing (this is the default value).
max_top_level_cells: 12 # (Optional) Maximal number of top-level cells in any dimension. The number of top-level cells will be the cube of this (this is the default value).
# Parameters governing the time integration (Set dt_min and dt_max to the same value for a fixed time-step run.)
......@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@ int space_splitsize = space_splitsize_default;
int space_subsize_pair = space_subsize_pair_default;
int space_subsize_self = space_subsize_self_default;
int space_maxsize = space_maxsize_default;
int space_maxcount = space_maxcount_default;
* @brief Interval stack necessary for parallel particle sorting.
......@@ -2696,8 +2695,7 @@ void space_init(struct space *s, const struct swift_params *params,
params, "Scheduler:cell_sub_size_self", space_subsize_self_default);
space_splitsize = parser_get_opt_param_int(
params, "Scheduler:cell_split_size", space_splitsize_default);
space_maxcount = parser_get_opt_param_int(params, "Scheduler:cell_max_count",
if (verbose)
"max_size set to %d, sub_size_pair set to %d, sub_size_self set to %d, "
......@@ -43,9 +43,14 @@ struct cell;
#define space_cellallocchunk 1000
#define space_splitsize_default 400
#define space_maxsize_default 8000000
<<<<<<< HEAD
#define space_subsize_pair_default 256000000
#define space_subsize_self_default 32000
#define space_maxcount_default 10000
#define space_subsize_pair_default 64000000
#define space_subsize_self_default 16000
>>>>>>> 88356221ae330b1818217a6f4c5ac7890ad02c11
#define space_max_top_level_cells_default 12
#define space_stretch 1.10f
#define space_maxreldx 0.1f
......@@ -58,7 +63,6 @@ extern int space_splitsize;
extern int space_maxsize;
extern int space_subsize_pair;
extern int space_subsize_self;
extern int space_maxcount;
* @brief The space in which the cells and particles reside.
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