Commit 80de9a1b authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Removed out-dated confusing comments.

parent ced55896
......@@ -475,15 +475,11 @@ void space_rebuild(struct space *s, double cell_max, int verbose) {
/* Exchange the strays, note that this potentially re-allocates
the parts arrays. */
/* TODO: This function also exchanges gparts, but this is shorted-out
until they are fully implemented. */
size_t nr_parts_exchanged = s->nr_parts - nr_parts;
size_t nr_gparts_exchanged = s->nr_gparts - nr_gparts;
engine_exchange_strays(s->e, nr_parts, &ind[nr_parts], &nr_parts_exchanged,
nr_gparts, &gind[nr_gparts], &nr_gparts_exchanged);
/* Add post-processing, i.e. re-linking/creating of gparts here. */
/* Set the new particle counts. */
s->nr_parts = nr_parts + nr_parts_exchanged;
s->nr_gparts = nr_gparts + nr_gparts_exchanged;
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