Commit 75cd6dd9 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Applied changes to engine.h

parent 70edbfe7
......@@ -78,14 +78,23 @@ struct engine {
/* The task scheduler. */
struct scheduler sched;
/* The maximum dt to step (current). */
float dt_step;
/* The minimum dt over all particles in the system. */
/* The minimum and maximum allowed dt */
float dt_min, dt_max;
/* The system time step. */
float dt, dt_orig;
/* Time of the simulation beginning */
float timeBegin;
/* Time of the simulation end */
float timeEnd;
/* The previous system time. */
float timeOld;
/* The current system time. */
float time;
/* Time step */
float timeStep;
/* The system energies from the previous step. */
double ekin, epot;
......@@ -96,9 +105,6 @@ struct engine {
/* The number of particles updated in the previous step. */
int count_step;
/* The current system time. */
float time;
/* Data for the threads' barrier. */
pthread_mutex_t barrier_mutex;
pthread_cond_t barrier_cond;
......@@ -128,7 +134,8 @@ struct engine {
/* Function prototypes. */
void engine_barrier(struct engine *e, int tid);
void engine_init(struct engine *e, struct space *s, float dt, int nr_threads,
int nr_queues, int nr_nodes, int nodeID, int policy);
int nr_queues, int nr_nodes, int nodeID, int policy,
float timeBegin, float timeEnd);
void engine_prepare(struct engine *e);
void engine_step(struct engine *e);
void engine_maketasks(struct engine *e);
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