Commit 75130af8 authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Make mpi_message_limit an unsigned int, switch units to KB

parent 78f76084
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Scheduler:
cell_split_size: 400 # (Optional) Maximal number of particles per cell (this is the default value).
max_top_level_cells: 12 # (Optional) Maximal number of top-level cells in any dimension. The number of top-level cells will be the cube of this (this is the default value).
tasks_per_cell: 0 # (Optional) The average number of tasks per cell. If not large enough the simulation will fail (means guess...).
mpi_message_limit: 4194304 # (Optional) Maximum MPI task message size to send non-buffered
mpi_message_limit: 4096 # (Optional) Maximum MPI task message size to send non-buffered, KB.
# Parameters governing the time integration (Set dt_min and dt_max to the same value for a fixed time-step run.)
......@@ -4636,12 +4636,11 @@ void engine_init(struct engine *e, struct space *s,
scheduler_init(&e->sched, e->s, engine_estimate_nr_tasks(e), nr_queues,
(policy & scheduler_flag_steal), e->nodeID, &e->threadpool);
/* Maximum size of MPI task messages that should not be buffered,
/* Maximum size of MPI task messages, in KB, that should not be buffered,
* that is sent using MPI_Issend, not MPI_Isend. 4Mb by default.
e->sched.mpi_message_limit =
parser_get_opt_param_int(params, "Scheduler:mpi_message_limit",
parser_get_opt_param_int(params, "Scheduler:mpi_message_limit", 4) * 1024;
/* Allocate and init the threads. */
if ((e->runners = (struct runner *)malloc(sizeof(struct runner) *
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ struct scheduler {
/* Maximum size of task messages, in bytes, to sent using non-buffered
* MPI. */
int mpi_message_limit;
size_t mpi_message_limit;
/* 'Pointer' to the seed for the random number generator */
pthread_key_t local_seed_pointer;
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