Commit 6d2ea709 authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Update the IPO support for GCC and CLANG.

Note that you may need to define "AR", "LD" and "RANLIB", if the names do not
match the default ones (clang/llvm are often trailed by version numbers).
parent 8af4a013
......@@ -104,9 +104,17 @@ if test "$enable_ipo" = "yes"; then
elif test "$ax_cv_c_compiler_vendor" = "gnu"; then
AX_COMPARE_VERSION($ax_cv_c_compiler_version, [ge], [5.0.0],
: ${AR="gcc-ar"}
: ${RANLIB="gcc-ranlib"}
], [:] )
AC_MSG_RESULT([added GCC interprocedural optimization support])
elif test "$ax_cv_c_compiler_vendor" = "clang"; then
CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -emit-llvm"
: ${AR="llvm-ar"}
: ${LD="llvm-ld"}
: ${RANLIB="llvm-ranlib"}
AC_MSG_RESULT([added LLVM interprocedural optimization support])
AC_MSG_WARN([Compiler does not support interprocedural optimization])
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