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Use intrinsics for vector operations as arithmetic overloading is not...

Use intrinsics for vector operations as arithmetic overloading is not supported by the Intel compiler yet for AVX-512 vectors.
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......@@ -578,24 +578,24 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_2_vec_density(float *R2, float *Dx, float *Dy, float *Dz,
curlvzSum->v = vec_mask_add(
curlvzSum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvrz2.v, wi_dx2.v)), mask2);
} else {
rhoSum->v += vec_mul(mj.v, wi.v);
rhoSum->v += vec_mul(mj2.v, wi2.v);
rho_dhSum->v -= vec_mul(
mj.v, vec_fma(vec_set1(hydro_dimension), wi.v, vec_mul(xi.v, wi_dx.v)));
rho_dhSum->v -= vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_fma(vec_set1(hydro_dimension), wi2.v,
vec_mul(xi2.v, wi_dx2.v)));
wcountSum->v += wi.v;
wcountSum->v += wi2.v;
wcount_dhSum->v -= vec_mul(xi.v, wi_dx.v);
wcount_dhSum->v -= vec_mul(xi2.v, wi_dx2.v);
div_vSum->v -= vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(dvdr.v, wi_dx.v));
div_vSum->v -= vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(dvdr2.v, wi_dx2.v));
curlvxSum->v += vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(curlvrx.v, wi_dx.v));
curlvxSum->v += vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvrx2.v, wi_dx2.v));
curlvySum->v += vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(curlvry.v, wi_dx.v));
curlvySum->v += vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvry2.v, wi_dx2.v));
curlvzSum->v += vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(curlvrz.v, wi_dx.v));
curlvzSum->v += vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvrz2.v, wi_dx2.v));
rhoSum->v = vec_add(rhoSum->v, vec_mul(mj.v, wi.v));
rhoSum->v = vec_add(rhoSum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, wi2.v));
rho_dhSum->v = vec_sub(rho_dhSum->v, vec_mul(
mj.v, vec_fma(vec_set1(hydro_dimension), wi.v, vec_mul(xi.v, wi_dx.v))));
rho_dhSum->v = vec_sub(rho_dhSum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_fma(vec_set1(hydro_dimension), wi2.v,
vec_mul(xi2.v, wi_dx2.v))));
wcountSum->v = vec_add(wcountSum->v, wi.v);
wcountSum->v = vec_add(wcountSum->v, wi2.v);
wcount_dhSum->v = vec_sub(wcount_dhSum->v, vec_mul(xi.v, wi_dx.v));
wcount_dhSum->v = vec_sub(wcount_dhSum->v, vec_mul(xi2.v, wi_dx2.v));
div_vSum->v = vec_sub(div_vSum->v, vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(dvdr.v, wi_dx.v)));
div_vSum->v = vec_sub(div_vSum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(dvdr2.v, wi_dx2.v)));
curlvxSum->v = vec_add(curlvxSum->v, vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(curlvrx.v, wi_dx.v)));
curlvxSum->v = vec_add(curlvxSum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvrx2.v, wi_dx2.v)));
curlvySum->v = vec_add(curlvySum->v, vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(curlvry.v, wi_dx.v)));
curlvySum->v = vec_add(curlvySum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvry2.v, wi_dx2.v)));
curlvzSum->v = vec_add(curlvzSum->v, vec_mul(mj.v, vec_mul(curlvrz.v, wi_dx.v)));
curlvzSum->v = vec_add(curlvzSum->v, vec_mul(mj2.v, vec_mul(curlvrz2.v, wi_dx2.v)));
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