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......@@ -36,14 +36,18 @@
\conferenceinfo{PASC '16}{June 8--10, 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland}
\conferenceinfo{PASC '16,}{June 08 - 10, 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland}
\title{{\ttlit SWIFT}: Using task-based parallelism, fully asynchronous
communication, and graph partition-based domain decomposition for
strong scaling on more than 100\,000 cores.}
......@@ -110,28 +114,12 @@ strong scaling on more than 100\,000 cores.}
%% These three main aspects alongside improved cache-efficient
%% algorithms for neighbour finding allow the code to be 40x faster on
%% the same architecture than the standard code Gadget-2 widely used by
%% researchers.
In order to use these approaches, the code had to be re-written from
scratch, and the algorithms therein adapted to the task-based paradigm.
As a result, we can show upwards of 60\% parallel efficiency for
moderate-sized problems when increasing the number of cores 512-fold,
on both x86-based and Power8-based architectures.
%% As a result, our code present excellent \emph{strong}
%% scaling on a variety of architectures, ranging from x86 Tier-2 systems to the
%% largest Tier-0 machines currently available. It displays, for instance, a
%% \emph{strong} scaling parallel efficiency of more than 60\% when going from
%% 512 to 131072 cores on a Blue Gene architecture. Similar results are obtained
%% on standard clusters of x86 CPUs.
%% The task-based library, \qs, used as the backbone of the code is
%% itself also freely available and can be used in a wide variety of
%% other numerical problems.
......@@ -878,7 +866,6 @@ Union's ERC Grant agreements 267291 ``Cosmiway'', and by {\sc intel}
through establishment of the ICC as an {\sc intel} parallel computing
centre (IPCC).
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