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......@@ -48,6 +48,16 @@ supposes an equilibrium and computes the fractions automatically.
In order to compile SWIFT with Grackle, you need to provide the options ``with-grackle``
and ``with-chemistry``.
You will need a Grackle version later than 3.1. To compile it, run
the following commands from the root directory of Grackle:
``./configure; cd src/clib``.
Update the variables ``LOCAL_HDF5_INSTALL`` and ``MACH_INSTALL_PREFIX`` in
the file ``src/clib/Make.mach.linux-gnu``.
Finish with ``make machine-linux-gnu; make && make install``.
If you encounter any problem, you can look at the `Grackle documentation <>`_
You can now provide the path given for ``MACH_INSTALL_PREFIX`` to ``with-grackle``.
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