Commit 421156f1 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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parent 1f69a87c
......@@ -141,16 +141,19 @@ const char *mpi_version(void) {
static char version[256] = {0};
#ifdef WITH_MPI
int len, std_version, std_subversion;
/* Check that the library implements the version string routine */
static char lib_version[MPI_MAX_LIBRARY_VERSION_STRING] = {0};
MPI_Get_library_version(lib_version, &len);
/* Intel-MPI adds a tailing '\n' at the end of the string that looks ugly. */
if (lib_version[len - 1] == '\n') lib_version[len - 1] = ' ';
static char lib_version[256] = {0};
sprintf(lib_version, "Unknow library");
MPI_Get_version(&std_version, &std_subversion);
sprintf(version, "%s (standard v %i.%i)", lib_version, std_version,
sprintf(version, "%s (implementing MPI standard v %i.%i)", lib_version,
std_version, std_subversion);
sprintf(version, "Code was not compiled with MPI support");
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