Commit 3b1777d3 authored by James Willis's avatar James Willis
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Pass hj_inv as a vector instead of a pointer.

parent 7dd6e919
......@@ -1181,7 +1181,7 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_1_vec_force(
vector viz, vector pirho, vector grad_hi, vector piPOrho2, vector balsara_i,
vector ci, float *Vjx, float *Vjy, float *Vjz, float *Pjrho, float *Grad_hj,
float *PjPOrho2, float *Balsara_j, float *Cj, float *Mj, vector hi_inv,
float *Hj_inv, vector *a_hydro_xSum, vector *a_hydro_ySum,
vector hj_inv, vector *a_hydro_xSum, vector *a_hydro_ySum,
vector *a_hydro_zSum, vector *h_dtSum, vector *v_sigSum,
vector *entropy_dtSum, mask_t mask) {
......@@ -1189,7 +1189,7 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_1_vec_force(
vector r, ri;
vector vjx, vjy, vjz, dvx, dvy, dvz;
vector pjrho, grad_hj, pjPOrho2, balsara_j, cj, mj, hj_inv;
vector pjrho, grad_hj, pjPOrho2, balsara_j, cj, mj;
vector xi, xj;
vector hid_inv, hjd_inv;
vector wi_dx, wj_dx, wi_dr, wj_dr, dvdr;
......@@ -1210,7 +1210,6 @@ runner_iact_nonsym_1_vec_force(
pjPOrho2.v = vec_load(PjPOrho2);
balsara_j.v = vec_load(Balsara_j);
cj.v = vec_load(Cj);
hj_inv.v = vec_load(Hj_inv);
fac_mu.v = vec_set1(1.f); /* Will change with cosmological integration */
......@@ -607,17 +607,19 @@ void test_force_interactions(struct part test_part, struct part *parts,
&a_hydro_zSum, &h_dtSum, &v_sigSum, &entropy_dtSum, mask, mask2, 0);
} else { /* Only use one vector for interaction. */
vector r2, dx, dy, dz;
vector r2, dx, dy, dz, hj, hj_inv;
r2.v = vec_load(&(r2q[i]));
dx.v = vec_load(&(dxq[i]));
dy.v = vec_load(&(dyq[i]));
dz.v = vec_load(&(dzq[i]));
hj.v = vec_load(&hj_invq[i]);
hj_inv = vec_reciprocal(hj);
&r2, &dx, &dy, &dz, vix_vec, viy_vec, viz_vec, rhoi_vec,
grad_hi_vec, pOrhoi2_vec, balsara_i_vec, ci_vec, &(vjxq[i]),
&(vjyq[i]), &(vjzq[i]), &(rhojq[i]), &(grad_hjq[i]), &(pOrhoj2q[i]),
&(balsarajq[i]), &(cjq[i]), &(mjq[i]), hi_inv_vec, &(hj_invq[i]),
&(balsarajq[i]), &(cjq[i]), &(mjq[i]), hi_inv_vec, hj_inv,
&a_hydro_xSum, &a_hydro_ySum, &a_hydro_zSum, &h_dtSum, &v_sigSum,
&entropy_dtSum, mask);
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