Commit 380a5c26 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Make the script work also in MPI mode.

parent 4306572d
......@@ -522,7 +522,7 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
for (int l = 0; l < e.sched.nr_tasks; l++)
if (!e.sched.tasks[l].skip && !e.sched.tasks[l].implicit) {
fprintf(file_thread, " %03i %i %i %i %i %lli %lli %i %i %i %i %i\n",
myrank, e.sched.tasks[l].rid, e.sched.tasks[l].type,
myrank, e.sched.tasks[l].last_rid, e.sched.tasks[l].type,
e.sched.tasks[l].subtype, (e.sched.tasks[l].cj == NULL),
e.sched.tasks[l].tic, e.sched.tasks[l].toc,
(e.sched.tasks[l].ci != NULL) ? e.sched.tasks[l].ci->count
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