Commit 2d35ec05 authored by Matthieu Schaller's avatar Matthieu Schaller
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Use a separate function to check whether a cell has active sparts.

parent cc546377
......@@ -85,9 +85,16 @@ __attribute__((always_inline)) INLINE static int cell_are_gpart_drifted(
__attribute__((always_inline)) INLINE static int cell_are_spart_drifted(
const struct cell *c, const struct engine *e) {
/* Currently just use the gpart drift
* This function is just for clarity */
return cell_are_gpart_drifted(c, e);
if (c->stars.ti_old_part > e->ti_current)
"Cell has been drifted too far forward in time! c->ti_old=%lld (t=%e) "
"and e->ti_current=%lld (t=%e)",
c->stars.ti_old_part, c->stars.ti_old_part * e->time_base,
e->ti_current, e->ti_current * e->time_base);
return (c->stars.ti_old_part == e->ti_current);
/* Are cells / particles active for regular tasks ? */
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