Commit 27ca6412 authored by Peter W. Draper's avatar Peter W. Draper
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Disable a feature (unused), so that autotools on COSMA are acceptable

We have 2.63 and 2.64 is required!

Former-commit-id: af0f689646357c801e085f58ea4184024e0de9fb
parent 77c3d18b
......@@ -117,8 +117,9 @@ AC_DEFUN([AX_CHECK_ENABLE_DEBUG],[
dnl Define various variables if debugging is disabled.
dnl assert.h is a NOP if NDEBUG is defined, so define it by default.
AS_IF([test "x$enable_debug" = "xyes"],
[m4_map_args_w(ax_enable_debug_vars, [AC_DEFINE(], [,,[Define if debugging is enabled])])],
[m4_map_args_w(ax_disable_debug_vars, [AC_DEFINE(], [,,[Define if debugging is disabled])])])
dnl XXX disabled as m4_map_args_w requires 2.64, and COSMA has 2.63.
dnl AS_IF([test "x$enable_debug" = "xyes"],
dnl [m4_map_args_w(ax_enable_debug_vars, [AC_DEFINE(], [,,[Define if debugging is enabled])])],
dnl [m4_map_args_w(ax_disable_debug_vars, [AC_DEFINE(], [,,[Define if debugging is disabled])])])
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