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Better documentation of the minimal SPH implementation

parent 16a92652
......@@ -107,9 +107,10 @@ void writeSPHflavour(hid_t h_grpsph) {
/* Viscosity and thermal conduction */
writeAttribute_s(h_grpsph, "Thermal Conductivity Model",
"(No treatment) Legacy Gadget-2 as in Springel (2005)");
writeAttribute_s(h_grpsph, "Viscosity Model",
"Legacy Gadget-2 as in Springel (2005)");
"(No treatment) as in Springel (2005)");
h_grpsph, "Viscosity Model",
"as in Springel (2005), i.e. Monaghan (1992) with Balsara (1995) switch");
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "Viscosity alpha", const_viscosity_alpha);
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "Viscosity beta", 3.f);
......@@ -22,10 +22,12 @@
#include "adiabatic_index.h"
* @file hydro_iact.h
* @brief Minimal conservative implementation of SPH
* The thermal variable is the internal energy (u). No viscosity nor
* thermal conduction terms are implemented.
* The thermal variable is the internal energy (u). Simple constant
* viscosity term without switche is implemented. No thermal conduction
* terms is implemented.
......@@ -107,8 +107,9 @@ void writeSPHflavour(hid_t h_grpsph) {
/* Viscosity and thermal conduction */
/* Nothing in this minimal model... */
writeAttribute_s(h_grpsph, "Thermal Conductivity Model", "No model");
writeAttribute_s(h_grpsph, "Viscosity Model", "No model");
writeAttribute_s(h_grpsph, "Thermal Conductivity Model", "No treatment");
writeAttribute_s(h_grpsph, "Viscosity Model",
"Minimal treatment as in Monaghan (1992)");
/* Time integration properties */
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "Maximal Delta u change over dt",
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ void hydro_props_print(const struct hydro_props *p) {
"Hydrodynamic integration: Max change of volume: %.2f "
powf(expf(p->log_max_h_change), hydro_dimension), p->log_max_h_change);
pow_dimension(expf(p->log_max_h_change)), p->log_max_h_change);
if (p->max_smoothing_iterations != hydro_props_default_max_iterations)
message("Maximal iterations in ghost task set to %d (default is %d)",
......@@ -90,8 +90,8 @@ void hydro_props_print_snapshot(hid_t h_grpsph, const struct hydro_props *p) {
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "CFL parameter", p->CFL_condition);
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "Volume log(max(delta h))", p->log_max_h_change);
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "Volume max change time-step",
powf(expf(p->log_max_h_change), 3.f));
writeAttribute_f(h_grpsph, "Max ghost iterations",
writeAttribute_i(h_grpsph, "Max ghost iterations",
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